For the marketing collateral, my role consisted of participating in the initial brainstorming and ideation, refining and pitching one of the four original concepts, and then overseeing the final execution of the selected campaign. I helped the team focus on the experience of the pieces – by determining which pieces the students would get, and in what order throughout their journey toward enrollment, we could ensure we were telling a cohesive story. I then worked with the account lead and the team of designers to ensure the 20+ pieces we updated remained consistent and were executed to the highest standard.
Above are the four roughed up concepts that were initially presented to the client. 
As clients often do, they ended up desiring a mix between two of our proposed concepts. 
The first one they gravitated toward was the idea of the student composite, as shown in the "Future Self Now" concept. Dornsife is unique in that it's the place to be for students who want to double major or experience travel or an internship as part of their education journey. Because of that, we wanted to create composites using actual USC Dornsife students to show the multifaceted educational experience that the college offers. We went on-campus to do a photoshoot with their students to keep this authentic.
The second concept was that of invoking the night sky. Stars have been used for centuries to inspire storytelling and navigate journeys, which is something any lost 18 year old could use to guide their next 4 years. So we used thenightsky to see what the night sky looked like the first day that USC Dornsife opened its doors. We pulled constellations from that night sky to use in our composites.
Another key aspect of the design was the use of photography, both within the composites and in the page layouts. Dornsife College provides students with incredible opportunities both in Los Angeles and around the world, so we decided to use photography to invoke the breadth of those experiences.

The USC Dornsife Viewbook ended up being the piece that set the tone for the rest of the collateral. We decided to do 3 variations of the cover key art - one focused on each of the buckets that Dornsife uses to categorize their majors: Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.

One of the key strategic roles we played was in helping the school reimagine the way they communicate their majors. In conversations with the client, it became clear that there was no consistent categorization of their 70+ majors and that the 3 main buckets of humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences weren't quite working for them. So we looked at the majors and strategized with their team to developed a system of five clusters focused on student interests and skills. The final result was a Major Cluster Map to help students navigate the 70+ majors that Dornsife offered and plan their educational journey.
After the successful rollout of the marketing material - including numerous positive client and student testimonials, as well as an LAADDY award, Dornsife was so pleased, they wanted to know how they could carry it onto their web experience.
Because revamping the entire college website wasn't within the cards, we ended up creating an admitted student microsite. The goal of this site was to decrease melt, making sure that admitted students would stick with their declared major by re-emphasizing the benefits of USC Dornsife.
For the web experience, my role was in overall strategy and direction. I then oversaw and managed the visual execution and development of the final site.
We are currently working with the Dornsife Admissions team to revamp the entire Admissions department portion of the website to continue to build into this new visual identity.
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